Applying Essential oil to Acupuncture Points for Sleep:

Sometimes I like to apply peppermint or lavender essential oil to the bottoms of the feet on K-1 acupuncture point.

(see last post on Acupuncture Points to Massage at Home for Sleep)


Using a cotton ball or a cotton swab can avoid getting the oil into your eyes later!

Trust me-avoiding peppermint oil in the eyes will also ensure better sleep.


Massaging the essential oil into the soles of your feet at this point helps bring the “Qi” or energy down from the head

(over-thinking) and into the feet. This can help us to feel more grounded and relaxed and ready for sleep. 


Also, I believe the sheer ritual of rubbing oil into the feet can be soothing to the mind.

It is almost like the mind can relax in knowing we are taking care of the body and it is okay to stop thinking now.

This is why it is part of my bedtime routine.


Many of my patients ask which brand I use…I like to use Aura Cacia brand for essential oils since they are mostly organic and are a local MN company (support local). I also really like Posumon Chinese herbal peppermint oil.

This is what I use in treatments.

Po sum on Chinese herbal peppermint oil can be ordered for purchase, if you would like.


*Carrier Oils to use with essential oils:

  • Olive oil
  • Coconut oil
  • Grapeseed oil
  • Sweet Almond oil
  • Castor oil (hexane-free)

I like to use castor oil for feet and hair and sometimes add a bit to my facial oil.

Just be sure to use unrefined and organic oils.

*Carrier oils are used to “carry” the essential oil.

This is what the bulk amount of oil is made of in essential oil remedies.


Thanks for Reading!

Written by Aleesha Ackerman, LAc


Aleesha Ackerman is a certified and state licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in acupuncture. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hamline University. Aleesha owns and operates Aleesha D Acupuncture clinic for Pain and Women’s Health in Anoka, MN.

She became interested in acupuncture and holistic medicine when acupuncture cured her of debilitating migraine pain after an auto collision with a semi-truck. Aleesha specializes in treating acute and chronic pain and Women’s Health. Women come to her everyday with issues such as hot flashes, mood imbalance and low energy. Read more about Aleesha and what she specializes in Here.


Patients at Aleesha D Acupuncture report feeling cared for, listened to and are happy to get the much-needed pain and stress relief from their treatments!

Aleesha treats energy, digestion and fertility issues successfully by treating the root cause and by treating the whole individual.

Why wait? Start Your Relief Today- contact Aleesha D Acupuncture in Anoka today to schedule your acupuncture appointment!


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Aleesha D Acupuncture is located in historic downtown Anoka at 229 Jackson St.



This article is not intended to replace any health care. No information on this site should be relied on to determine medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. As with any health concerns, always be sure to consult your health care provider with any health concerns.

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