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Foods to Fortify Lung Qi Energy…

Foods to Fortify Lung Qi Energy… If you are prone to Lung issues or just want to get ready for the change from Summertime to Fall,  Try Foods that Strengthen Your Lung Qi.   –Eating mostly cooked foods is recommended for Lung Qi Deficiency.–   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)         […]

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Failed IUI Fertility?…Get Acupuncture Before Your 3rd Round of IUI Fertility Treatments

Acupuncture Increases IUI Fertility Success! Have You had 1 or 2 Failed IUI Fertility Treatments? In general, only 3 rounds of IUI are attempted before IVF is seen as the next step. IVF is more expensive and invasive and this is why IUI is often tried first.   If you are going on your 3rd […]

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Fix Knee Pain with Acupuncture…

Fix Knee Pain with Acupuncture… Acupuncture is good at relieving knee pain due to Arthritis, whether due to Osteoarthritis or Rheumatoid Arthritis.  Osteoarthritis is the wear-and-tear type of Arthritis…In general, our parts age as we age. Osteoarthritis usually affects larger, weight-bearing joints, like hips and knees.   Rheumatoid Arthritis is an Auto Immune disease. Rheumatoid […]

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Tips for Better Mood & Energy in Perimenopause…

Tips for Better Mood & Energy in Perimenopause… Perimenopause is lasting a while for many women. …Sometimes Perimenopause lasts longer than 5 years.   Common Symptoms: Easily stressed Hot flashes Mood swings Weight gain Low Energy  Poor Sleep Mind fog   Stressed out more? Hot flashes can start happening during the daytime, night time or […]

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Relief from Grief…

Relief from Grief… All of us deal with grief, eventually. Grief is a difficult journey. The only way through, is through. Here are a few healthy tools to help us deal with it…   One tool is Acupuncture treatment…   Acupuncture treatments can be tailored to help You handle Grief. Acupuncture can help lower the […]