Closing Clinic End of December 2022 After 8 years of serving Anoka with Acupuncture (4 years as Aleesha D Acupuncture), it is with a heavy heart (and an open mind), that I step away and move onto the next adventure.  As of December 19, 2022 I, Aleesha Kaplan, L.Ac. am closing my acupuncture practice and […]

Foods with Vitamin D… Vitamin D is called the sunshine vitamin because absorption in the body improves with exposure to the sun. Most of us who live up north (and more and more in the south now, too) are deficient in vitamin D. Best Vitamin D food Sources: Egg yolks Fatty fish Liver Grass-fed butter […]

Foods for Glowing Skin and More… Looking to Feeling Better AND Look Better, too?… Look to Foods that help repair collagen, the connective tissues in the face and body.   It only makes sense that these same foods help lower inflammation and pain to help lower: Joint pain Headaches General aches and Pains Read Acupuncture […]

Do You Have Lingering Symptoms of COVID-19…LONG after Testing Negative? You could have “Long Covid”   Some who contract COVID-19 feel the following symptoms long after they are no longer positive: Anxiety Fatigue Difficulty Concentrating Low Appetite/ Nausea/ Reflux/ Abdominal cramps/ GI issues   Did You Know This Can Last 3 Months? Even though no […]

Acupuncture Helps Back Pain in Anoka at Aleesha D Acupuncture.

Back Pain? -Acupuncture Works! How Acupuncture Works: We know that acupuncture is proven by research to lower pain and inflammation.  Back pain is Pain. Inflammation can Cause Pain. Aleesha treats Back Pain Every Day she comes to the Clinic. That is a whole lotta back pain…and Pain Relief.   Acupuncture Helps these Pain Types: Acute […]