Do you suffer with Seasonal Allergies? Does your asthma or allergies get worse during the Spring or Fall? Better call Your Acupuncturist… —-Yes, Acupuncture can help!   How Many Acupuncture Sessions? Many of my patients either come in for 1-4 acupuncture treatments with allergies fully resolved, others come in seasonally.   At Aleesha D Acupuncture […]

What Are People Saying About Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture? Patients report to me that their friends and relatives remark on how happy and healthy they look. Then their friends ask them what they are doing differently. They ask if they have changed their diet or started an exercise routine.   What Cosmetic Facial Acupuncture is… Cosmetic […]

How Many Acupuncture Treatments Will You Need? This question of how many acupuncture treatments comes up all the time.  The answer has to do with many factors AND… In general, 6-10 treatments will help significantly.  Whether you seek acupuncture for chronic pain issues, digestion issues or women’s health issues like fertility,  Acupuncture will generally improve […]

Your Immune System, Your Lung Qi… What is Lung Qi? Qi is our life force energy. Lung Qi is the lifeforce energy of our Lungs.   Signs/Symptoms of Weak Lung Qi- Allergies Asthma Coughing Skin rashes Prone to sickness Sensitive to cold weather Weak voice, worse with exertion     In TCM, the Lungs open […]

Foods to Fortify Lung Qi Energy… If you are prone to Lung issues or just want to get ready for the change from Summertime to Fall,  Try Foods that Strengthen Your Lung Qi.   –Eating mostly cooked foods is recommended for Lung Qi Deficiency.–   According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM)         […]