What are Signs of Vitamin D Deficiency?…

  • Depression 
  • Fatigue
  • Bone Loss
  • Hair Loss
  • Frequent Illnesses
  • Slow Healing Wounds

The above Signs/ Symptoms may or may not be from deficient vitamin D in your body. 

However, most of the population, especially here in Minnesota (far from the equator) need to supplement with Vitamin D.

“D” for Depression…

I always think of Vitamin D Deficiency as “D” for Depression. This is because so many of my patients have come to me with Low Mood and Low Energy and when I urge them to get their Vitamin D levels checked by their doctor, they are often times deficient. Sometimes, vitamin d deficiency is so low they have to take a 50,000 I.U. dose at once! I have family members who have had to take this dose as well.

Most take only 1,000-5,000 per day! So, you can see how deficient one must have to be in order to be prescribed 50,000 I.U. dosage of vitamin d! This is a real problem where we live and I wish more doctors screened for it with a simple blood test before grabbing for anti-depressants.

“D” for Dementia…

Western medicine is necessary and I am so grateful that we have it, however we NEED to get to the ROOT CAUSE of issues if we are going to have prevention of disease.

If you just were to take medication for mood, but low mood was from low vitamin d, you could end up with long-term consequences of brittle bones/fractures, heart issues, and dementia.

This is because vitamin d is required for absorption of calcium. Calcium is needed for bone health and heart health.

Autopsies reveal more and more who suffered with Dementia were also deficient in Vitamin d. 

Parkinson’s patients are known for having low vitamin d.

Parkinson’s Aside: Did You Know… Research is being done on positive brain affects after cycling with Parkinsons? Look it up! 


The vitamin d3 that I take and carry for my patients has vitamin k2 for better absorption of the d. However, If you take blood thinners like Coumadin® avoid taking vitamin k as it can interfere with the effects of this drug. Always check with your doctor first before adding anything to your supplements regimen.

That’s not All!…


Read Vitamin D Deficiency and COVID-19 


Everything needs to remain in balance for us to stay in optimal health. 


Who is Prone to Vitamin D Deficiency?


Is Vitamin D Deficiency a New Thing?

Why was vitamin d deficiency not a problem in Grandma’s day?…

People used to get their vitamin d from foods such as lard, fish and whole milk with natural vitamin d already in the foods. Lard with vitamin d is more difficult to find. Less people drink full fat milk with vitamin d, and even less eat fish, especially cod liver. There is not enough natural occurring vitamin d in cod liver oil supplements for most people who are deficient in lab results. So if low in d, you probably still need to supplement as well and need to check with your doctor on this before doing so anyway.

I remember my dad used to make me eat a cod fish oil capsule every week. When I asked him “Why?” he just said, “‘Cuz it’s good for you.” I don’t think he really knew why. He took it because his grandma told him to. Being Swedish, she probably knew it was necessary to eat oil from the the liver of cod. Swedes are low in vitamin d, too unless they supplement with food or supplements due to also being far from the equator. When your skin is exposed to sunlight, your body makes vitamin d, BUT…

that only applies if you are close enough to the equator. For those of us who live in the northern latitude of the world (like Minnesota) exposure of arms and legs for 15-20 minutes per day should suffice during the summer; during the fall and winter months you will most likely have to take a vitamin d supplement if your labs reveal deficiency. This is because you could lay out naked all day in the sun during the winter without it affecting your vitamin d synthesis. We are just not at the correct angle in relation to the sun here at that time. That is why some call vitamin d the “Sunshine vitamin.”  Check with your doctor to be sure vitamin d supplementation is right for you before doing so.


Summary of Vitamin D Deficiency

So, look out for Low Mood and Low Energy-it Could be Low Vitamin D. Ask your doctor to order a blood test to screen for vitamin d deficiency. If it is not low, then you have ruled out one possible cause to your low energy and mood. Always check with your doctor first before taking new vitamins or minerals supplements.

Note: many doctors in private practice (like my primary care doc) actually like to see vitamin d level higher than what conventional family medicine doctors deem as “healthy range” levels of vitamin d. Why? This is because vitamin d level can be high enough to keep you alive, though may not be “optimal” for your health as an individual.

Naturopathic doctors look at this way as well. Like acupuncturists, we look at medicine from a prevention perspective. It is a different medical paradigm than the Western one which is focused on treating a disease. Both types of medicine are needed and each has its time and place, for sure. 

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Thanks for Reading!

Written by Aleesha D Ackerman, LAc


Aleesha Ackerman is a certified and state licensed acupuncturist with a Master’s degree in acupuncture. She also holds a Bachelor’s degree from Hamline University. Aleesha owns and operates Aleesha D Acupuncture clinic for Pain and Women’s Health in Anoka, MN.

She became interested in acupuncture and holistic medicine when acupuncture cured her of debilitating migraine pain after an auto collision with a semi-truck. Aleesha specializes in treating acute and chronic pain and Women’s Health. Women come to her everyday with issues such as hot flashes, mood imbalance, low energy and for Cosmetic Acupuncture for wrinkles, crow’s feet, laugh lines and improvement in overall skin tone . Read more about Aleesha and what she specializes in Here.


Patients at Aleesha D Acupuncture say they feel cared for and listened to. They are happy to get the much-needed pain and stress relief from their treatments!


Aleesha D Acupuncture is located in historic downtown Anoka at 229 Jackson Street just off Highway 10 with free parking.

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This article is not intended to replace any health care. No information on this site should be relied on to determine medical diagnosis or treatment for a medical condition. As with any health concerns, always be sure to consult your health care provider with any health concerns.

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Why Do I Need to Take Vitamin D?

Vitamin D is needed in order to absorb calcium properly in the body. Many middle aged and older females struggle with bone density issues in the developed world and many are low in vitamin D.

Vitamin D is important for regulating mood, energy and body healing mechanisms.

Vitamin D is important for immunity.

Vitamin D is especially important now during COVID-19 pandemic.

Autopsies are finding those who die from the virus are deficient in vitamin D. Remember, it helps with Immunity! 


Read How Sun Exposure Helps Your Body Make Vitamin D Here

You could be naked outside in the sunshine all day long this far north and it would still not be sufficient enough for helping with vitamin D (except for during the summer months).


Where to get Vitamin D and What Type Should I Take?

Fortunately, You can get Vitamin D here at Aleesha D Acupuncture. I use and carry the liquid form of vitamin D 3 for guaranteed absorption and control over the dosage (each drop equals 1,000 mg). I also like it with k2 as this vitamin helps aid the absorption of vitamin D (do not take vitamin k if you take blood thinners like Coumadin or have thin blood).


Is What You Eat (Wheat) Eating You?… 

There may be a connection to the non-0rganic wheat we eat here and malabsorption of vitamin D in the body. The glycophosphate-based pesticide that starts with “R” and ends in “up” is what I used to have to spray on the driveway cracks to get rid of weeds as a kid. This pesticide has been outlawed in many other countries because of it’s connection to Cancers. We know more about it now and how it wrecks our guts, among other things it does. It doesn’t just destroy exoskeletons of bugs!  This is why it is outlawed in countries like France, Italy and most of Canada.

Unfortunately it is still used here in this country in wheat production. The glycophosphate pesticide we ingest in our wheat here may get in the way of vitamin d absorption in the gut…

This may help explain why so many (even in southern states) now need to supplement with vitamin d on a daily basis, despite sun exposure.


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